'With the intention of' Synonyms

Synonyms of with the intention of are with the aim of, with a view to, for the purpose of, to, in order to, so as to, so that, in order that.

'With the aim of', 'With a view to', and 'For the purpose of'

Instead of "with the intention of", you can use the following prepositions to express purpose. All of them are quite formal and typically followed by a gerund.

The manager is trying to save energy with the aim of reducing costs.

'To', 'In order to', 'So as to', and 'For'

Alternatively, you can use "in order to", "to", or "so as to". They are compound prepositions that have an infinitive as its object. "To" can be used in informal, neutral, and semiformal situations. "In order to" is used in formal and semiformal situations. So as to is less frequent and generally used in very formal language.

They performed a search in order to collect relevant data.

In some sentence constructions, you can introduce the preposition "for" to express purpose (followed by a noun, not a verb).

She usually reads crime fiction books for pleasure.

'So', 'So that', and 'In order that'

Instead of a preposition, you can use a subordinating conjunction to express intention or purpose, such as "so, so that", and "in order that". Remember, a conjunction is followed by a clause (a subject and a verb).

Olivia is learning Japanese so that she can live in Tokyo.

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