'With a view to' Synonyms

With the intention of, with the aim of, for the purpose of, to, in order to, so as to, so that, in order that.

'With the intention of', 'with the aim of', and 'for the purpose of'

Instead of "with a view to", you can use these prepositions to express purpose:

All of them are somewhat formal and normally followed by a gerund.

Olivia did it with the aim of going one step further.

'In order to', 'to', 'for', and 'so as to'

"With a view to" is typically used to introduce intention or purpose, which can also be expressed by using "in order to", "to", or "so as to". They are compound prepositions that have an infinitive as its object. "To" and "in order to" are quite common and equally possible in written and spoken English. Having said that, "in order to" is a bit more formal and frequently used for emphasis. So as to is less frequent and too formal in most contexts.

Don't be afraid to make sideways moves in order to pursue your own interests.

Alternatively, when using a noun (or a noun phrase) instead of a verb, you can use the preposition "for" to express intention.

James went out for some milk.

'So', 'so that', and 'in order that'

We'll add here that you can introduce a subordinating conjunction to express purpose, such as "so that", "so", or "in order that". Remember, conjunctions must be followed by a clause (a subject and a verb).

His father had encouraged him to start building credit so that Peter would have a good credit score.

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