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Is It 'Happy Birthday' or 'Congratulations'?

It's "Happy birthday". When it's someone's birthday, we don't say "congratulations". If we want to say our birthday wishes in English, we just say "happy birthday".

'Congratulations' Synonyms

Good job!, Warmest congratulations, Bravo!, Well done!, Nicely done, Congrats, Way to go!, You did it!

'Jump the queue'. Meaning and Examples

n British English, you can use the idiom "jump the queue" when someone goes in front of other people who are already waiting in a queue.

'The Ins and Outs' Meaning and Examples

The ins and outs are the complicated details or the special peculiarities of something. The term can also refer to the complex elements of a process.

'Poster child' Meaning and Examples

A poster child is a representative example of a situation, quality, or activity. It can be: a person, a group of people or things, an organization, an object, a concept, an idea, a theory, etc.

'Pushing on a string' Meaning and Examples

Pushing on a string means that your strategy, despite investing all your energy and efforts, is not working. In other words, you do not succeed in achieving your goal because what you are doing is ineffective.