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Idiomatic Expressions With 'Learn'

The verb "learn" frequently appears in numerous idiomatic expressions in the English language. Here is a compiled list of such expressions.

'Learn One's Lines': Meaning and Usage

The phrase "learn one's lines" refers to the act of memorizing the script or dialogue that an actor is supposed to deliver during a performance.

'Learn the Lay of the Land': Meaning and Usage

The idiom "learn the lay of the land" can be used in a literal or in a metaphorical way. In a literal way, it means to understand the physical features of a particular area or terrain.

'Learn from Scratch': Meaning and Usage

"Learn from scratch" means to start learning something from the very beginning without any prior knowledge or experience in that subject.

'Learn the Hard Way': Meaning and Usage

To "learn the hard way" means to learn from one's mistakes or from personal experience, typically involving hardship or negative consequences.

'Learn by Heart': Meaning and Usage

"Learn by heart" simply means to memorize something so thoroughly that you can remember and recite it without using written material.