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'In order to' Synonyms

You can use "in order to", "to", or "so as to" to express purpose.

'So that' Synonyms

You can use "so that", "so", or "in order that" to express purpose.

Gift/Present for Your Birthday

Both phrases are correct. However, "gift" can be used before a noun to act like an adjective. We don't use "present" in this way.

'Congratulations' Synonyms

Good job!, Warmest congratulations, Bravo!, Well done!, Nicely done, Congrats, Way to go!, You did it!

'For Example' Synonyms

All the following words are synonyms of "for example": For instance, e.g., Including, Such as, Like. Other creative ways to say "for example" are: To illustrate, Case in point, To show what I mean, To give you an idea.

Put simply, Clarify Synonyms

If you want to say something with simple words, you can start your sentence with these words.

'Namely', 'Specifically' Synonyms

Namely, specifically, that is to say, more exactly, more specifically and i.e. are expressions you can use to give further details about something you've just said

'In other words' Synonyms

In other words, to rephrase it, put it another way or put it this way are used to repeat what has been recently said, typically in a simpler or more direct way