'With the aim of' Synonyms

With the intention of, with a view to, for the purpose of, to, in order to, so as to, so that, in order that.

'With the intention of', 'with a view to', and 'for the purpose of'

Instead of "with the aim of", you can use the prepositions "with the intention of", "with a view to", or "for the purpose of". All of them are quite formal and typically followed by a gerund.

With the intention of improving productivity, the manager created a new design strategy.

'In order to', 'to', 'for', and 'so as to'

You can also use "in order to", "to", or "so as to". These compound prepositions are followed by an infinitive. "To" and "in order to" are equally possible in written and spoken English. However, "in order to" sounds a bit more formal and can be used for emphasis. So as to is less common and sounds much more formal.

She needs to fill out the form in order to get a passport card.

When using a noun instead of a verb to express purpose, you can use the preposition "for".

What do you do for fun?

'So', 'so that', and 'in order that'

Alternatively, you can introduce a subordinating conjunction to express intention, such as "so", "so that", or "in order that". Remember, a conjunction is followed by a subject and a verb.

Robert is learning Spanish so that he can live in Madrid.

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