'For Example' Synonyms

All the following words are synonyms of "for example": For instance, e.g., Including, Such as, Like. Other creative ways to say "for example" are: To illustrate, Case in point, To show what I mean, To give you an idea.

These words are synonyms of for example:

  1. For instance
  2. e.g.
  3. Including
  4. Such as
  5. Like

Other creative ways to say for example are:

  • To illustrate
  • Case in point
  • To show what I mean
  • To give you an idea

1. For Instance

For instance and for example have the same meaning, and they are used in the same way. For example, however, is much more widely used.

  • Wages are rising at the fastest pace in years. Last month, for instance, the government ordered a 5% increase in the minimum wage.
  • Jane is really jealous. Yesterday, for instance, she got mad at me for nothing.
  • England has many spectacular castles. Take, for instance, the Windsor Castle.

Note the use of commas with "for instance" or "for example" in the sentences above.

2. e.g.

e.g. means for example (e.g. is the abbreviation for the Latin phrase "exempli gratia").

  • Many Spanish countries (e.g., Seville, Granada and Marbella) are extremely hot and sunny in summer.
  • Copper is a metal used in almost everything around us, e.g., power lines, water pipes, and appliances.
  • Some English verbs (e.g., put, run and keep) are irregular.

The abbreviation "e.g." must be enclosed between commas in English.

3. Including

Including means having something as part of a category or group.

  • She speaks many languages, including German, Italian, Japanese and Korean.
  • Some social issues, including diversity and inclusion, have been gaining popularity in Europe.
  • I want to visit some European countries, including France, Italy and Spain.

Note the use of a comma before including in the sentences above.

4. Such as

You can use such as to introduce examples of something:

  • Some sports, such as skydiving and speleology, are risky.
  • Italian foods, such as pizza and ravioli, are delicious.
  • Many European languages, such as Spanish and French, have a strong Latin base.

Note the use of commas before "such as" in the examples above.

5. Like

Like and for example are often interchangeable.

  • Many Asian nations, like Thailand and Myanmar, are hot and humid.
  • A wide range of devices, like smartphones and laptops, are getting cheaper day by day.
  • Some cities in the United States, like Chicago and San Francisco, are heavily populated.

6. Other Creative Ways to Say For 'Example'

As an alternative to for example, you can use the following words to enrich your vocabulary and writing.

To Illustrate

Use this verb to prove your point:

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our times. To illustrate, the worst impact of this change in the pattern of weather could be irreversible by 2029.

Case in Point

If you find the perfect example to back up your line of reasoning, use case in point:

Inequality has been on the rise for decades. Case in point: the top 20 percent of Americans own over 80 percent of the country's wealth.

To Show What I Mean

Use to show what I mean when you have a chart, case study, report, picture, etc. to prove your argument or illustrate your idea:

Gold trended higher for decades before making all-time highs in August 2020. To show what I mean, here's a chart of gold prices from 1981 to 2021.

To Give You an Idea

To give you an idea is the perfect way to support your story with a clarifying example.

Yesterday my girlfriend was furious. To give you an idea, she started yelling and throwing things at me.

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