Do You Need Commas With 'e.g.', 'etc.' and 'i.e.'?

We enclose the abbreviations e.g., etc., and i.e. between commas in English.

Use a comma before and after the abbreviations "e.g.", "etc.", and "i.e.".

Some sports, e.g., racing and boxing, are dangerous.

Some sports e.g. racing and boxing, are dangerous.

Another example:

Only one country in the world, i.e., Iceland, has no mosquitoes.

When a list of terms is enclosed by parentheses, the parenthesis replaces a comma.

Some Asian cities (e.g., Shanghai and Tokyo) face significant environmental risks.

I love lively colors (yellow, red, orange, etc.)

1. Additional Commas in Sentences With 'e.g.' or 'i.e.'

Be aware that when using "e.g.", "etc.", or "i.e.", you may need three or more commas in your sentence:

  • a comma before the abbreviation
  • a comma after the abbreviation
  • another comma after the list or phrase that follows "e.g." or "i.e."


Eating Italian food, e.g., pasta and salad, is good for your health.

Why do we need three commas in the example above? The abbreviations "e.g.", "etc.", and "i.e." are parenthetic; that is, they introduce added information to the main part of your writing. Parenthetic expressions must be placed between commas.

When using parenthetic remarks, it's important to add both commas; that is, do not omit one comma and leave the other.

Some Chinese cities, e.g., Beijing, have populations in excess of 10 million.

Some Chinese cities, e.g. Beijing, have populations in excess of 10 million.

Another example:

Canned foods, e.g. tuna, corn, and black beans are often very salty.

The sentence above is incorrect because it needs two additional commas.

Canned foods, e.g., tuna, corn, and black beans, are often very salty.

An example with i.e.:

I'm going to order my favorite food, i.e., pizza.

I'm going to order my favorite food, i.e. pizza.

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2. Do Not Add 'etc.' in an 'e.g.' List

The abbreviation e.g., which means "for example", implies that other examples are being omitted. Consequently, we should not add "etc." after an e.g. list.

I repair electronic devices, e.g., cameras, ovens, or washing machines.

I repair electronic devices, e.g., cameras, ovens, washing machines, etc.

3. More Examples

More examples with "e.g.":

  • Some Mediterranean countries (e.g., Italy, Greece, and Spain) are sunny even in winter.
  • A wide range of metals, e.g., copper, nickel, and lithium, are required to make electric vehicle batteries.
  • There are a number of reasons you might always feel cold, e.g., health conditions, blood vessel problems or hormonal imbalance.
  • High-fiber foods (e.g., raspberries, bananas and carrots) help you feel full longer.
  • You need to set personal goals (e.g., marriage, work commitment, or financial stability).

More examples with "etc.":

  • Latin is the origin of many European languages (Spanish, Portuguese, French, etc.).
  • Some English words (scissors, brewery, quinoa, etc.) are difficult to pronounce.
  • Many religions, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, etc., practice fasting.
  • These days, children and adults are surrounded by electronic devices (smartphones, personal computers, etc.)
  • Strength training exercises for all major muscle groups (chest, legs, arms, etc.) protect bone health and muscle mass.

More examples with "i.e.":

  • The biggest animal on the planet, i.e., the Antarctic blue whale, weighs up to 400,000 pounds (about 33 elephants).
  • Only one country in the world, i.e., Nepal, has a triangular flag.
  • The most widely consumed alcoholic drink, i.e., beer, can be problematic for your health if you consume it in excess.
  • My son needs to learn the most spoken language on the planet, i.e., English.
  • My best friend, i.e., Peter, is moving to New York next week.
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