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Gift/Present for Your Birthday

Both phrases are correct. However, "gift" can be used before a noun to act like an adjective. We don't use "present" in this way.

Gift vs. Present. What's the Difference?

The nouns gift and present are synonyms. They essentially mean the same thing and are frequently, but not always, interchangeable.

Congrats vs. Congratulations

"Congrats" is just an informal and shortened version of the plural noun "congratulations". Both have the same meaning and are commonly used. However, "congratulations" is definitively more formal.

Is Congratulations a Plural Noun?

"Congratulations" is a plural noun. Some nouns, like "congratulations", are commonly used in the plural.

Can You Say 'Knowledges'?

It's incorrect to say "knowledges". Since this noun is uncountable, it cannot be used in the plural.

Is Goods a Plural Noun?

"Goods" is a plural noun. When speaking about items for sale or objects that can be moved from one place to another, the term "goods" only has a plural form.