Is Pants a Plural Noun?

"Pants" is a plural noun. Some articles of clothing, including pants, only have a plural form.

"Pants" is a plural noun. Some articles of clothing, including pants, are grammatically plural and only have a plural form, even if we are talking about a single item.

Where are my pants?

Where is my pant?

The word "pant" (without "s") has a different meaning. It can be a noun or a verb related to breathing with quick, short breaths, often from excitement or exertion. It also means "long eagerly for something".

John was panting after his morning run.

Her enemy was panting for revenge.

When talking about clothing, "pant" is not a noun, but it can be used as a modifier in front of another noun (e.g., "a pant leg").

This pant leg is too short.

Plural nouns, also known as pluralia tantum (Latin for "plural only"), cannot be used with the article "a" because "a" means a single thing; however, you can say: "a pair of pants", "two pairs of pants", etc.

There are two pairs of pants on the bed.

Be also aware that these nouns take a plural form of a verb; for example, we say "pants are", not "pants is".

Are my white pants clean?

Is my white pants clean?

A partial list of pieces of clothing that are also pluralia tantum:

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