Moreover, Furthermore Synonyms

You can use these expressions to add ideas to or support an argument in English

You can use these expressions to add ideas to or support an argument in English:

  • moreover (formal)
  • furthermore (formal)
  • additionally (formal)
  • in addition (formal)
  • besides (informal)
  • on top of that (informal)
  • on top of this (informal)


  • It is legal to do it. Moreover, it is necessary.
  • There is a mismatch between job openings and job seekers. Furthermore, labor regulation is hampering job creation.
  • The European Union and China have signed numerous economic agreements. Additionally, they are promoting cultural interchange.
  • A hybrid vehicle requires two times more copper than a conventional car. In addition, we will need an extensive network of EV chargers, which also use copper.
  • I hate loud neighbors. Besides, I hate noisy traffic.
  • She speaks three languages besides English.
  • Electricity is getting more expensive. On top of that, my old refrigerator consumes more energy than new models.


Furthermore and moreover are formal words that can be used to introduce a fresh perspective or a more relevant analysis of something.

Additionally and In addition are typically used to add more ideas or lines of thought to your reasoning.

On top of that and on top of this are used in spoken English, normally when you add negative factors to something already unpleasant. Keep in mind that "to be on top of something" can also mean to be in control of a situation or be aware of changes. For example, we can say:

Being a fireman is a dangerous job; you always have to be on top of things.

'Also', 'as well' and 'too'

As an alternative to in addition or furthermore, you can use the following adverbs:

  • also
  • as well
  • too

As well is more formal than too. We put both expressions at the end of a clause. Also can be put in different places in a sentence. Notice the difference:

  • The government is raising income taxes. Also, it is increasing consumption taxes.
  • The government is raising income taxes. It is increasing consumption taxes as well.
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