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'Learn' Synonyms

Here's a list of synonyms for "learn," grouped by their degree of formality.

Is It 'Learned' or 'Learnt'?

Both "learned" and "learnt" are valid past tense forms of the verb "learn." In the U.S., however, "learned" is much more common.

Idiomatic Expressions With 'Learn'

The verb "learn" frequently appears in numerous idiomatic expressions in the English language. Here is a compiled list of such expressions.

'Study' vs. 'Learn': What's the Difference?

"Study" typically refers to the activity itself (reading, analyzing, practicing, etc.) "Learn", by contrast, focuses on the outcome of that activity.

Prepositions After 'Learn'

The choice of preposition after "learn" can significantly alter the intended message, and mistakes are not uncommon.