Do You Need a Comma After 'Sometimes'?

We do not typically use commas to separate the adverb “sometimes” from the rest of the sentence.

We do not typically use commas to separate the adverb “sometimes” from the rest of the sentence.

Sometimes you can hear them laughing and singing.

I sometimes enjoy a delicious moment of escape in the bath.

When using “sometimes” at the beginning of a sentence, you may occasionally include a comma for emphasis.

Sometimes, I think you're the loneliest man in the world.

1. Word Order

The adverb of frequency "sometimes" is highly mobile within a sentence; thus, we can say:

Sometimes we go hiking.

We sometimes go hiking.

We go hiking sometimes.

We can also use “sometimes” after a modal verb ("can" in the example below).

She can sometimes be highly sensitive.

2. Do You Need a Comma Before or After ‘Sometimes’?

A comma before or after “sometimes” is frequently unnecessary.

Sometimes Mary takes the subway home.

She sometimes wakes up early.

At the start of a sentence, however, you can optionally use a comma to add emphasis.

Sometimes, I wish I was back in Japan.

There are particular sentence constructions, however, where a comma should be used. For example, include a comma when the adverb “sometimes” is followed by a dependent clause.

Sometimes, if the weather is nice, I go for a walk.

Include also a comma when using a strong interrupter ("however" in the example below) after “sometimes”.

Sometimes, however, I skip breakfast.

Except for emphasis or securing a pause in literary language, we do not typically use commas to set off “sometimes” in the middle or at the end of a sentence.

I sometimes play video games with my sister.

I enjoy a delicious coffee sometimes.

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