'As of now' Meaning and Examples

'As of now' means that something is true from now on. It may have not been true until recently; it may change in the future.

As of now means that something is true from now on. It may have not been true until recently; it may change in the future.

As of now, the company employs 300 persons.

In the example above, the speaker is describing a situation in its current state, as it is now. It may have not been true in the past; it may change in the future.

As of now, four people have been arrested.

In this sentence, the speaker is actively reporting what he knows so far.

1. Examples

  • As of now, four people have been reported injured in clashes between police and demonstrators.
  • As of now, Asia is the largest export market for many European countries, such as Germany and France.
  • The United States population as of now is 328.2 million people.
  • The stock market verdict, as of now, is that the high unemployment rate is transitory.
  • The company is heavily indebted. Nevertheless, as of now, the stock is trending higher.
  • What is worse, his new project (which as of now is only a bunch of ideas without budget) comes at the time of one of the most challenging financial crisis.
  • In the United States the average annual wage for women as of now is $35,250.
  • As of now, most experts sustain that fruit intake helps nourish your skin from the inside out.
  • It is important to reduce income inequality in the United States, which, as of now, is a widespread problem with profound implications for children's education.
  • As of now, the manufacturing sector is growing even faster as demand picks up in key markets across America and Asia.
  • This is one of the best TV shows I have ever watched. As of now, it's only nine episodes, so you can watch them all this week.

2. Can You Omit 'As of now'?

Saying that something is happening from a particular time or date (e.g., as of now) suggests a possibility of change. Sometimes, however, saying as of now is redundant because the present tense already means now

For example, you can say:

  • The unemployment rate is 7 percent.
  • As of now, the unemployment rate is 7 percent.

Both sentences are correct.

3. 'Currently' vs. 'As of Now'

"Currently" means now. Therefore, if something is true as of now, it is also true currently. These two words may be interchangeable, but there are subtle differences in their connotations.

  • "As of now" implies that (possibly) something wasn't true until very recently.
  • "Currently" implies that something may not be true in the near future.

Compare currently and as of now:

  • As of now, China bans bitcoin mining. (This statement wasn't true before, but it is from now on.)
  • Europe is currently enjoying a notable economic growth. (This situation may change in the future.)

4. Other Ways to Say 'As of Now'

In a range of situations, you can use the following words as a substitute for as of now:

  • Now
  • From now on
  • Starting now
  • From this day on
  • From this day forth
  • As of right now
  • Henceforth (formal)
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